The opinion Echo: „Anti-Semites!“ – Roubini trolls the Bitcoin community

After the devastating criticism of Bitcoin & Co. by the Permabär Nouriel at the beginning of this week, the problems of the crypto exchange Bitfinex and the stable coin Tether came into the focus of the commentators. The opinion ECHO for the 42nd calendar week.

Here is the Bitcoin code review

Roubini’s anti-Bitcoin tirade before the US Senate continued on the economist’s Twitter account at the beginning of the week. The economist is using ever heavier guns to fire towards the crypto community like this The quintessence of his Bitcoin code review tweets: The Bitcoin community is a cesspool of blinded, coprophagous shitcoiners whose ultra-liberal tendencies are surpassed only by their anti-Semitic tendencies.

NYU resists Roubini with Bitcoin code scam

Roubini’s downright trumpeting Twitter troll has meanwhile reached a degree of review unprofessionality that even calls alumni of New York University (NYU), where Roubini teaches, to the fore. For example, Max Keiser, crypto-investor and alumnus of NYU, criticizes the Bitcoin code scam plan:

„It pains me to see @nouriel [Roubini] behave like a horse’s ass. I am now in contact with the NYU leadership to ask them if they can’t urge this embarrassing rage-aholic to reason. It damages the working morale of the students.“

Roubini’s tirades could also influence NYU’s support through alumni donations:

„Many NYU members have already made contact with Roubini and are trying to get him to shut up. He is known as a rage-aholic, egomaniac and windbag. The students complain. It becomes also for Alumni fund Raiser like me the topic ?

Of course, Dr. Doom also took the opportunity to comment on the current drama about Bitfinex and the Stable Coin Tether (USDT):

„Tether is the mother of all crypto scams and supports Bitcoin and all the other shitcoins by up to 80 percent. But the regulators, who started investigating Tether/Bitfniex months ago, are still „sleeping at the wheel“.

Experts agree, Tether is a massive fucking scam.

I figured it out based on common sense and the background of the people behind the exchange.

It didn’t help that Bitfinex was founded by a Ponzi scammer. …

This tweet is from the Roubini retweetet Bitfnix’ed series. Indeed, on 16 October, the economist spent his lunchtime sharing the tweets of @Bitfnix’ed, arguably the sharpest critic of the currently controversial Bitfinex crypto exchange.

Ripple Labs and other investments

Total investment: 28 million US dollars. Closing date: May 2015. Total investment: USD 37 million

Investors: US futures, CME Group, Seagate Technology, AME Cloud Ventures, ChinaRock Capital Management, China Growth Capital, Wicklow Capital, Bitcoin Opportunity Corp., Core Innovation Capital, Route 66 Ventures, RRE Ventures, Vast Ventures and Venture 51.

What happened since then: Ripple labs hired the former head of the US Treasury Department as a consultant in July.

Mark Preuss is founder and CEO of BTC-ECHO

After studying economics in the Netherlands and China, he held various positions in finance, first in Switzerland and finally in Düsseldorf. Early on, he became enthusiastic about digital currencies and blockchain technology. In the absence of a contact point in German-speaking countries, Mark finally decided at the end of 2013 to launch BTC-ECHO, his own media platform for digital currencies and blockchain. Since then, he has developed BTC-ECHO into the most widely used German-language platform for crypto currencies.

Total investment: 25 million US dollars. Closing date: May 2015. Total investment: 28.25 million US dollars

Investors: RRE Ventures, Liberty City Ventures, Jay W Jordan II and James Pallotta.

What has happened since: ItBit was recognized as a licensed exchange by the New York State Department of Financial Services. Briefly, the exchange began OTC trading.

Total investment: 20 million US dollars. Closing date: July 2015. Total investment: USD 60 million

Investors: The Georgian Co-Investment Fund, DRW Venture Capital and iTech Capital.

What has happened since

Earlier this month, BitFury announced that it had completed the development of the 6NM ASIC Bitcoin-Mining chip.

Total investment: 15 million US dollars. Closing date: February 2015. Total investment: 29 million US dollars

Investors. Accel Partners, GP Bullhound, Creandum and Martin Wattin: Accel Partners, GP Bullhound, Creandum and Martin Wattin.

What has happened since then: In June, the Swedish company announced its intention to launch a groundbreaking Bitcoin ASIC Mining Chip.


Total investment: 12.5 million US dollars. Closing date: June 2015. Total investment: 21 million US dollars

Investors. Beacon Securities, Clarus Securities and Salmon Partners: Beacon Securities, Clarus Securities and Salmon Partners.

What has happened since then: Geoff Gordon, CEO of Vogogo, wants to use the funds received for partnerships with various bank partners and to work hard on a healthy branding in the Bitcoin industry.