Bitcoin Whales Resume Accumulation After Brief Respite

• UK yields have skyrocketed to levels seen during last year’s pension crisis.
• The Federal Reserve is forecasting a mild recession in 2023.
• Bitcoin tumbled below $26K, resulting in a $120M liquidation storm with an unknown pool mining 13% of BTC blocks over the past day.

UK Yields Skyrocket

UK yields have skyrocketed to levels echoing those seen during last year’s pension crisis. This has caused some concern among investors, as the future of the economy is uncertain. Additionally, it could lead to further instability and volatility in financial markets.

Fed Forecasts Mild Recession

The Federal Reserve has released its latest forecast for 2023, which states that a “mild recession” could occur later this year. This news has caused some worry among investors, as two years ago the term “transitory inflation” was floated – later turning into persistent inflation. There are concerns that a “mild recession” may turn into something much worse if left unchecked.

Bitcoin Tumbles Below $26K

Bitcoin recently tumbled below $26K causing a massive liquidation storm totaling to around $120 million dollars. An unknown pool has been mysteriously mining 13% of all Bitcoin blocks over the past day, adding further uncertainty to market conditions.

Whales Resuming Accumulation

Despite recent turbulence in the markets, Bitcoin whales have resumed their accumulation following a brief respite from trading activity. This indicates that despite bearish sentiment amongst investors, there are still those who believe long-term gains can be made from cryptocurrency investments.


The financial landscape remains uncertain with increasing volatility across markets and major economies such as the UK and US facing potential recessions in 2023. Despite these issues however, Bitcoin whales remain bullish on cryptocurrency investments and continue to accumulate more coins despite current market conditions indicating bearish sentiment amongst traders and investors alike .

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